Our Address A2 Apollo Court, Neptune Park, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 0SJ, United Kingdom
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WhisperPower Marine AC Generators / DC Generators

UK’s Approved Sole Distributor

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Main Office – +44 (0)1752 749505
Email – info@marineenergysystems.co.uk


Marine Energy Systems are the UK’s Sole Marine Distributors for WhisperPower.

Call our Energy Experts for good advice on Whisper Generators, Marine Batteries, WhisperPower Battery Chargers, Inverters, and DC/DC Converters. Learn how advanced technology and Solar Panels can give you Silent Green Energy on your motorboat and sailing yacht.

Always with a focus on Silent, Non- Polluting, and renewable sources of power.

Whisper Power – OctoPower

All-In-One Hybrid Power Station from Marine Energy Systems

  • Battery based power system for AC power provision
  • All in one solution: Battery pack, inverter, battery charger, Solar MPPT charge regulator, Battery to the battery charger, DC and AC distribution
  • Suitable for small sail, motor yachts, day cruisers, centre console boats with outboards, recreational vehicles, and holiday houses etc.
  • Operates small air conditioning and other comfort systems for a long period (4-8hrs)
  • Connectable to outboard or inboard engines to keep up with the power consumption and charge the battery (lithium ION)
  • Can be connected to Whisper Solar Panels (MPPT tracker included.)
  • Extremely compact and low weight
  • Modular system: battery capacity to be selected from 2560Wh up to 7680Wh