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Services & Support

Service & Support

Marine Energy Systems have a highly skilled trained team of experienced professionals, backed up by technical and sales experts from WhisperPower. Whether viewing our website or at the other end of a phone, our aim will always be to make your experience as pleasurable and easy as possible, assisting you to make the right choices for your applications. WhisperPower has years of experience in the field of combined generator/electronic systems with extensive knowledge of our markets and applications.

Our product offering includes:

In-depth pre-engineering to make sure the choice is right

Bespoke systems if required (we customise on request)

Conformity to safety approvals and standards

Detailed technical documentation including SYSTEM diagrams

Commissioning and extended installation checks after installation

Qualified support and technical sales

On-site service during and after the warranty period

For your convenience, WhisperPower warranty coverage extends to all equipment distributed by Marine Energy Systems. Our equipment is supported by excellent manufacturer warranties of between 2 to 5 years dependent on the technology and specification.

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Experienced & Growing

For 3 over decades we have specialised in technical advice, sales and installation of marine generators, power management and electrical systems, With massive advancements being made into silent energy, hybrid systems and conservation, we sought to partner with Whisper Power as the world leaders, leading the way forward.

Most of the manufacturing process is carried out in-house in their 5500 m2 building, located in Drachten, Friesland, the Netherlands. The building is a showcase for the very latest thinking in terms of energy-friendly sustainability and includes facilities such as solar cells and climate control based on an eco-energy recovery system.

They share the same vision, values and ethos as Marine Energy Systems and we are very proud to be involved with Whisper Power Battery during these exciting times.

The past 5 years have seen big changes in the marine sector. Boat owners search and buy equipment differently and expectations are much higher. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and optimum levels of service.

We are not just ‘box shifters’ we delivery technical products, fully explained and supported from enquiry to installation.

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Accreditation & Knowledge

We are members of the British Marine Federation and the British Marine Electronics and Electrics Association (BMEEA). We are also ABYC approved installers.

In the most challenging conditions, WhisperPower sets itself apart by offering smart innovations that prove their value in everyday operations. 

What we don’t know about Generating & Managing Energy isn’t worth knowing!.