AGM Battery 12 V – 165 Ah


AGM Battery



Nominal capacity (C20) 165 Ah
Nominal voltage 12 VDC
Type Deep cycle Absorbed Glass Mat battery with 10 years floating design life, specially designed for frequent cyclic discharge usage. By using strong grid and specific paste plate, gives the battery 30% more cyclic life. Applicable for marine, mobile and PV e
Weight (tolerance 1.5%) 47 Kg
Dimensions l*w*h in mm (excl. terminals) 483*170*240 mm
Terminal type M8 stainless steel
Number of cells 6


Constant voltage Charging (IU, float) 13.60 to 13.80 VDC at 25˚C
Cyclic Charging ( IUU, absorption) 14.25 to 14.60 VDC at 25˚C
Recommended charging current limit (higher possible) 40 – 50% of nominal capacity
Temperature cut-off ratio -4mv/cell/°C
Discharge cut off voltage 1.75 VDC at (A) <= 0.2˚C
1.70 VDC at 0.2 C (A) <= 1.0˚C
100% depth of discharge d.o.d. 1.65 VDC at (A) >= 1.0˚C


20 hrs discharge 165 Ah
10 hrs discharge 157 Ah
5 hrs discharge 134 Ah
Peukert Coefficient 1.21<P<1.24
Time reserve minutes 25 amps discharge 320 minutes
Self discharge Less than 3% per month at 25°C
Storage time AGM-power batteries can be stored for maximum 6 months at 25°C. Charging recommended before using

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AGM Battery 12 V – 165 Ah