WP-MCC 12/12-16 DC/DC Converter


DC DC Converter


Converter type: Step up and voltage stabilizing

Voltage conversion

3 Step Charger

Dimmer Function

12V input to 12V output (3 stage battery charger, up to 14.6V, current limited to 16A (Amps)

Price: £144.40 VAT: £28.88 Total: £173.28

WP-MCC 12/12-16 DC/DC Converter

pt: 60110014

  • MCC-Series
  • DC-DC converter with current limitation
  • Designed to step down 24 VDC and charge a 12 VDC battery
  • Multi step charge characteristic, programmable
  • Delivered with a temperature sensor as standard
  • Can be used as a dimmer for DC lights